AstroBear Summer Camp Registration

AstroBear Summer Camp

Registration is not OPEN yet. More details to come!

AstroBear Summer Camp

There are two steps to complete the enrollment:
1. Registration for each camper required
2. Payment for each camper required


  1. Hello! I enrolled and paid for my daughter to attend photography camp this summer. My payment went thru, but I’m not so sure that her enrollment form went thru. The enrollment is for Cailin Case, age 12, 7th grade in the fall. Can you please let me know if you have everything that you need for her registration? My email address is – Thank you so much!
    -Holly Case

  2. I was planning to enroll my 17yo in the ASL camp but the info on it has changed. It originally said that it was an ASL Drama camp but now it just says ASL camp. Will there be a play performed or is it just practice and games?

    1. Hi there. It is now just a regular camp. No play performed due to the low count. But, we will learn new words each day and play games using sign language. We have a 16 years old girl enrolled in this camp. Hope to have your child in this camp.

    2. Yes, we had to change it to a regular ASL camp. We will learn sign language and play games to help you remember the signs easier. There just wont be a performance due to low enrollment count. Please let me know if you are still interested. Thank you!

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