IMPORTANT COVID-19 SAFETY: I am taking precautions to keep everyone safe. 

Covid-19 Policy
With the invisible enemy spreading, my goal is to keep everyone in the process safe and healthy. To help the photo shoot go smoothly, please follow the new policy:

  1. Only realtor + one owner + photographer are allowed at the appointment.
  2. Please Open blinds, turn on the lights, remove unwanted items inside/outside, and make sure the listing is ready before my arrival if possible.
  3. I will photograph the home as is without touching or moving anything.

I will be wearing a mask for safety. If anyone is feeling ill or there are people in the home, we will need to reschedule. 


If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Is your shoot outside the OKC metro? PLEASE CONTACT ME TO BOOK YOUR SLOT and It must be the first slot of the day. There will an extra fee for these areas. (NOBLE, BLANCHARD, GUTHRIE, CHOCTAW, JONES, HARRAH, ETC…) THANK YOU!!!