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With a portfolio of creative businesses, we can help you with the creation and implementation of branding, collateral, photography, merchandising, and laser etched goods.

AstroBear Creative / Visual Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Motion, and Graphic Design services from Blake N. Behrens.

Boasting two decades of visual identity, packaging, and marketing experience, Blake has a complete knowledge of the industry. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma’s College of Art with a major in Visual Communication and a minors in Printmaking and in Native American Art History with a focus on Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican culture, he worked for ten years at Oklahoma’s second largest marketing agency, and has been running his own creative businesses, The Okay See and AstroBear Creative (formerly RadFive Creative) since 2012.

AstroBear Photography  / Photography by Lindsay Behrens, Blake’s wife.

The Okay See  / Screen Printing and Laser Etching, partnered with the über talented Kyle Simmons, Blake’s 6th grade wrestling partner and decades-long creative collaborator.

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